Eliminate or Reduce Processing Fees

Simply by Offering your Customers a Discount when Paying by Cash

Surcharge Vs. Cash Discount Programs with AMP Payment Systems

A proper Cash Discount Program is designed to eliminate your business’s credit card processing expenses by simply changing the impact of the fees associated with accepting credit cards as a form of payment. With the Cash Discount Program, your business adds a small Service Fee to ALL sales. Every time the consumer chooses to pay with cash, the consumer is given a cash discount in amount of the Service Fee.

Cash Discount is legal and permitted in all 50 States. Cash Discount is NOT a surcharge program, but instead you are providing an incentive for cash payments. Changes in legislation, such as The Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act, change the way business owners can accept forms of payments.

Cash Discount is a WIN-WIN because it allows you to increase your cash payments and the customers that choose to pay with a card are still welcome to do so. By posting proper signage on your door and at the register, credit and debit card customers are never surprised.

Find out more about eliminating up to 100% of your electronic processing costs.