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Every provider has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, specialties and niches that they take pride in. At AMP Payment Systems we take pride in being a true community and resource for small business owners well beyond payment processing.

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Best Sales Jobs in Chicago in 2019

Sales jobs keep on evolving in a dynamic commercial landscape. There are new regulations, changes in client’s behavior, new types of competition, evolving technologies and news techniques of distribution. All these factors have the potential of changing the industry. It’s paramount to adapt to these factors in order to remain relevant in the sales field.

Currently, there is an overabundance of chances in the Chicago sales jobs sector: many companies want to recruit new members into to their formidable sales departments, including AMP Payment Systems.  Outside sales representatives have the responsibility of generating new business, which translates into frequent travel and cold calling. They also give sales presentations, service accessible accounts and submit orders for customers.

Sales Talent density

Talent density is a vital factor in sales career. Two cities may have comparable sales talent densities but totally diverse demands for the same talent: a high density factor does not automatically translate into more demand. For example although Orange County has a high density of sales talent, its demand is 50% percent that of Chicago. This is because there is a large corporate presence in Orange County. Meanwhile, one of the top employers in Chicago, AT&T, migrated approximately three thousand jobs from Hoffman Estates between 2012 and 2015.

This entry of new opportunities is the main reason that is driving up high demand for sales talent in Chicago.

Chicago Companies

Top sales industries in Chicago comprise of IT, financial, automotive services, as well as outside sales.  If are planning to move to Chicago for your profession or you already live there, then you are at the right place: there are various companies in this windy city that keep their sales employees content, have excellent perks and need your services. AMP Payment Systems is one of the Chicago companies that provide excellent career opportunities for outside sales representatives to grow and build their career.  With uncapped commissions, high earning potential, and residuals offered, there are no other positions in the city that can compete with our pay structure.

AMP is good for your sales career because:   They support growth and development: Their continued growth will ensure you progress in your career. They also have fantastic leadership teams that focus on mentorship, development and employee support. Their volume of superior relations, acumen and aptitude of employees, results into a development culture that will enable you reach the pinnacle of your career. There are attractive rewards: employee stock programs, competitive bonus structures and excellent healthcare benefits.

They also provide equal opportunities.  Here at AMP, we promote inclusion and celebrate diversity, values that are at the heart of many employees. You will be empowered and supported to pursue your professional and personal ambitions.

Attractive salary

Monetary attachment is an important factor in any job. 2019 salary estimates from Glassdoor reveal an outside sales representative in Chicago earns an average salary of $48,365, which in itself is a good incentive.

Pay by Experience

Statistics from PayScale indicate that pay by experience for Chicago outside sales representatives has an upward trajectory. The entry level for a representative with less than five years experience is $48,365. Representatives with five to ten years experience earn a minimum of $67,000. Those with ten to twenty years experience have a minimum compensation of $75,000. A veteran representative with more than twenty years experience earns a minimum of $98,300.


Success for outside sales representatives is not measured in terms of dollars earned per hour. Commissions determine your remuneration. If you do well, you will be rewarded with a bonus or raise: you have complete control.