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Houston Deemed Top US City for Sales Careers

Houston is the core of oil and gas industries as well as healthcare in the US. With the vast industries in the city, it is certainly a great place for a career in sales. If you pursued a course in sales marketing or any related course in the field of marketing, you should try your luck in the city. According to recent studies based on the most preferred cities for a career in sales and marketing, Houston seems to top the list, making it a hotbed for those looking to further or start a career path as an outside sales representative.

Why Outside Sales Jobs in Houston are High Paying

This article therefore provides you with an empirical evidence on why Houston is your perfect place for a career in sales.

Vast Job Availability

With a wide range of companies operating in the city, there are many sales jobs available in Houston, including right here at AMP Payment Systems. Recent statistics show that Houston has an employment rate of 71%. This a quite high employment ratio and reflects on the propensity of getting a sales job or mobility between sales jobs. High mobility of labor will certainly end up giving you a challenging job that leads to self satisfaction.

High-wage sales jobs in Houston like the ones offered at AMP, offer attractive wages which can enable you to cater for your expenditures. Furthermore, Houston has a reputable record of welcoming residents, and this is likely to improve your chances of prosperity in sales, as there are an endless amount of leads in this booming city. The metro area has a higher annual income rate than the country which reflects the lucrative nature of the jobs in the area.

Low Cost of Living

There are vast social amenities in Houston and this reduces the cost of living. This therefore makes it a great spot for people who are just recent graduates from school and they are working for the first time. Dining in Houston is nothing to sneeze at either, seeing as how the region ranks 26th out of 150 metro areas recently studied for quality of restaurants.

As for living conditions, with an overall rating of 70%, you will certainly get favorable living conditions, which will in turn translate to improved productivity.

High Industry Relocation

Houston has recorded a high relocation of industries to the area. This has been as a result of a higher demand of their products which has thus lead to a high demand of labor in the city. This fits in perfectly for outside sales reps looking to gain new business when it comes to payment processing. There are opportunities abound with local businesses needing our services. According to past studies, when it comes to the leading national job market growth, many industries have shifted to Houston. Thus, there is a high probability that you are going to land a career in sales in Houston. Furthermore, the annual income of Houston is higher than that of other major cities in the US.

Overall, Houston is a city that is continually growing and expanding. With our open sales rep positions, you’ll be able to capitalize on the vast market share when it comes to merchant services. So, fill out the form and see how you can earn uncapped commissions along with a base salary and residuals!