The first impression you create at an important meeting or meeting important people has to be your best. The last thing you want now is to find some lint or dirt on your suit. This is when the best lint rollers are like a Godsend. They help make you look presentable and not covered by embarrassing dust, hair or lint.

Lint removers are simple tools that do a great job of removing lint, pet hair and fuzz from clothes. It’s practically a must for people who wear lots of lint or own pets that shed. Lint removers are available at most convenience or grocery stores. However, there are so many types like sticky rollers, bristled brushes, shavers, and battery-operated rollers, making it difficult to select one.

Lint Rollers – Comparison Table

  • Great for: Clothes and Furniture
  • Price: $$
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  • Great for: Clothing and Upholstery
  • Price: $
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  • Great For: Business Trips
  • Price: $
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  • Great For: Sweaters and Pants
  • Price: $$
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  • Great For: Upholstery and bedsheets
  • Price: $$
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  • Great For: Couches, Comforters, and Blankets
  • Price: $$
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  • Great For: Rugs and Kitchen Floors
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  • Great For: Clothing and Furniture
  • Price: $$
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With so many types and differences between them, and other factors like material and portability to consider, you may need some guidance selecting one. This is why this buying guide and the best lint removers’ reviews were compiled to help keep your clothes and office lint-free.

Reviews of the Best Lint Rollers in 2020

 1. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack – BEST OVERALL

The Scotch Brite Lint roller is a valuable super sticky arsenal for those who have a pet at home, or who need to clean up at the last minute before important meetings. It makes you look the best by picking up all the fluff, pet hair and lint off your clothes and furniture.

There’s no maintenance needed too. Just tear off the soiled sticky sheets from the roller and it’s ready for the next use. This lint roller does more than pick up lint. It can easily pick up large debris like leaves, crumbs, salt, sand and even coins from your furniture and more.

With its Scotch Brand adhesive you know it won’t fail at its job. Not only is it 50% more adhesive and grabs more than lint and pet hair, but it also lasts 50% longer than most rollers.  Its ergonomic handle comfortably fits into your hand for making quick touch-ups. With one of the six lint rollers always ready at the home, car, and the office, you’ll look great wherever you go.


Perfect for use on clothes, furniture and more·

48 sticky sheets per roller give a total of 288 sticky sheets

Picks up large debris like coins, crumbs, sand, and leaves


May not pick up pet hair stuck deep in the fabric

2. Evercare Magik Brush – BEST LINT BRUSH

 The Evercare Magik Brush may be simple in design but is most efficient at lint removal. It’s all thanks to its double-sided textured hard nylon surface. It lets the brush pick up twice the amount of lint than regular lint removers.

 Its comfortable grip handle lets you easily hold the brush while picking up lint dust, pet hair, and dandruff. It is useful if you are allergic to pet hair and dust because it prevents allergies by eliminating these triggers. The Evercare Magik Brush is perfect at home and office for removing lint and dirt from furniture.

It’s also ideal to clean up and improve your appearance before an important meeting. The brush is designed so that both left-handers and right-handers can comfortably use it.


Budget-friendly and lasts for years

Prevents allergies by eliminating triggers like pet hair and dust

Convenient left or right-hand use


Complaints of being useless for removing lint

 3. Flint Retractable Lint Roller – BEST POCKET SIZE

 Flint Retractable lint roller is famous for being a pocket-sized lint removal tool. It measures 1.5” wide by 5.5” long to easily fit into purses, car glove compartments, backpacks, and pockets. Professionals on the go will love it, especially those who need to look clean and impeccable for important meetings.

The lint roller is so easy to use. Just twist the reusable lint roller’s bottom and you get its 100% recyclable, adhesive, reusable sheets to remove your dust, pet hair and linen. The sheets easily peel off and are designed to be gentle but effective at removing ugly hair, dirt, crumbs or lint from even delicate clothes.

Its compact twisting guard protects sheets from lint and dust while lying idle at the bottom of your purse or backpack. Its recyclable sheets provide for an environmentally-friendly and lint-free world.

Flint retractable pet hair remover is available in 15 colors from pink to arctic granite to select from based on your personal choice and style. Each refill comprises of 30 sticky sheets available in 6 interchangeable colors. Refilling is easy. Just twist and roll up, pull out the old roll, place the new set of sticky sheets, click it on and it’s ready for use.


Environmentally friendly

Portable and convenient for business trips

Fits into your purse or pocket


Complaints of the lint roller not working and its bottom just spinning

 4. Conair Fabric Defuzzer – BEST FUZZ SHAVER

The Conair Fabric Defuzzer is a unique lint roller, designed like a shaver fit for any household. It ‘shaves’ evenly and removes lint, fuzz, fur and piling form most fabric types without any hassles.  It has a large 1-7/8” shaving head with an easy-to-grip handle for quick and comfortable shaving. It gives a professional clean and is the ideal garment tool to have in any home.

The lint roller is battery-operated and runs on two AA batteries that are not included. Just glide it over the fabric surface for smooth and even cleaning. There’s a 3-setting distance controller to use for customized fabric shaving when using on various fabric types. The detachable compartment makes cleaning the pet hair remover so much easier.


Easily cleaned by removing its detachable head

Battery-operated shaver

Ergonomically designed to give a comfortable grip

Gives professional quality results


The battery isn’t long-lasting

5. BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover – BEST ELECTRIC

 You no longer have to worry about looking presentable for important meetings with the Beautural fabric shaver and lint remover around. This electric lint remover runs on standard AA batteries to pick up fabric fluff, pet hair, bobbles and lint from jerseys, sweaters and more.

There are three shave heights and shaving hole sizes, and two-speed option to make adjustments to safely use the lint rollers on various fabrics and bobble sizes. The transparent small lint collector lets you see when it needs emptying, which is usually after cleaning several clothes.

 The blade surface covers a large area to quickly clean your clothes. There is a safety lock mechanism that ensures the blades don’t open or get loose, for improved safety, especially if accidentally touched by children.

The blades are sharp and durable enough to last for years and can be easily replaced if necessary. Its adjustable height shaver prevents garments from getting cut or snagged. It also prevents your hands from accidentally touching the shaver foil.


Excellent customer support

The lint roller comes with a 90-day full refund and 24-month warranty

Inclusive of two extra blades

Has a safety lock mechanism


Complaints of it not picking up lint from clothes

6. ChomChom Roller – BEST FOR PET HAIR

The ChomChom lint roller is a must-have in any pet parent or lover’s home. It’s perfect for removing pet hair found on clothes and furniture. It’s all you need to keep your home looking neat all the time.

The ChomChom pet hair remover is so easy to use. All you have to do is rapidly roll it up and down on the surface to be cleaned. This includes the couch, blanket, beds, comforters, clothes and more. The pet hair accumulates in a separate lint collector that you easily empty by first pressing the handle catch and opening it.

Besides, this is eco-friendly in design. You don’t have to worry about, or spend money buying sticky tape, rolls or batteries for it. With your pet continuously shedding hair, you end up saving a lot of money because of this lint roller.

In short, the lint roller is long-lasting, and 100% reusable pet hair remover, a pet owner will love. With it around, you will never have to look for another gadget for removing pet hair lint.


Sturdy, eco-friendly and 100% reusable

Does not use sticky tape or batteries

Easy to clean

An ideal lint roller pet lovers will love


Complaints of it not removing much pet hair at all


Do you need help picking up debris and pet hair under furniture and from hard-to-reach areas? If yes, the Unikon 802 has your solution. This lint roller comes with a 4-foot extendable handle which can be adjusted to four sizes for easier and more thorough cleaning.

The pet hair roller safely removes dust, lint, crumbs, pet hair and debris from not only the clothes and furniture but also from kitchen floors, ceiling fans, and stairs. It works as a silent vacuum cleaner that picks up even the microfiber cloth remnants and pet hair on your car top. The lint roller is also safe to use for removing particles like lint, dirt and pet hair from your clothes.

Cleaning floors is so easy because the lint remover gum doesn’t leave any residue on floors. It, however, does firmly hold onto the dirt, debris, pet hair, lint, etc it picks up. Maintenance and cleaning so easy; just peel out the used sheet by tearing along its cutline.

 The lint roller even has a slotted stand for storage purposes when not in use and to prevent scratches on the floor. The lint roller is reusable thanks to its lint roller refills. The rolls are easily replaced by pressing two rings found at the roll end.


Made in Japan using patented technology

Doesn’t leave any glue residue on the floor

The standing slot prevents scratches on the floor

Handle length can be adjusted to four heights

Just right for cleaning hard-to-reach areas


Complaints of receiving it without the stick

8. WOWGO 2nd Version Lint Roller – BEST WASHABLE LINT ROLLER

 This Wowgo lint roller set comes with one large and two mini rollers. Unlike other adhesive lint rollers, this roller has minimal adhesive. It’s adhesive enough to pick up debris without leaving any glue residue on surfaces.

The reusable lint roller is made of heavy-duty, biodegradable material and is reusable and eco-friendly in design. It safely cleans your clothes and removes pet hairs and fuzz without having to change refills or producing any environmental waste. It also cleans and removes crumbs from clothes and dresses without damaging the fabric. It removes only the debris or hair but not fabric remnants.

Its ergonomic handle makes cleaning surfaces so much easier. The lint roller is easy to clean with some warm or cold water and some light detergent. Just ensure you wash the lint roller immediately after use, and let the roller air dry or wipe off with a tissue before using the next use.

The medium lint remover can be easily carried in your bag and the mini lint roller in your pocket. The roller is perfect for removing any debris, lint or pet hair from your clothes and make you look presentable in time for an important meeting.


No environmental waste as there are no hassles of changing rolls

A set of three rollers, ideal for removing debris anywhere and anytime

Easily cleaned using water and detergent

Removes only debris, and not cloth fiber


Loses stickiness within ten seconds of use



There is no clear cut answer to this but Scotch Brite’s extra sticky lint roller claims to be 50% stickier than most other types of pet hair roller. It’s sticky enough to grab more than lint and hair. It even picks up large debris like coins, sand, and leaves. Besides, you will love that it even lasts 50% longer than most other sticky lint remove brands.


Not all lint rollers are bad for your clothes, it depends on the material. Some people also complain that the adhesive of the rollers leaves a thin glue layer on the clothes while pulling up lint.   Yes, bits of fabric does end up picked up along with the debris. However, the amount of residual fabric that is picked up is negligible. So you may end up losing SOME material with time.

Best Lint Roller


 The roller doesn’t leave much glue on your clothes as you will be passing the roller over your clothes. Besides, these drawbacks are nothing to worry about, because the roller at least leaves your clothes clean, without the need of frequent dry cleaning. If you still find this a problem, then you could try trying a lint comb or brush, which removes lint and pet hair without any glue.


Of course, you can, if your Evercare pet permits and love it, and as long as the roller is not an extra sticky roller. A bobble remover is a great tool to use to quickly get rid of the fleas and ticks on your Evercare pet. Lint rollers even pick up any loose pet fur, which otherwise ends up on your furniture and clothes.

Some dogs may feel uncomfortable with a hard lint roller rolling over their fur while others love it. It’s generally the short hair dogs who are more comfortable and may even love the roller because the roller doesn’t pull at your dog’s short fur.


Here are a few methods to remove lint without a lint roller:

  •  Wrap some clear packing tape around your hand with its sticky side facing outwards. Press the tape on the garment to remove lint and throw it away once it’s covered with lint fiber. You can repeat with more fresh tape till your clothes are lint-free. You can also use masking tape to pick up all your pet hair, lint, and debris.
  • Prevention is always better than cure, even here. You can prevent lint build-up by washing clothes inside-out. It helps if you add a cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse.   It works by softening the fabric, making it difficult for lint to stay attached. Avoid overloading the washing machine because lint doesn’t accumulate much if there’s more room for clothes to agitate.   ·
  • Try adding pantyhose to the dryer to reduce the lint picked up because nylon is a lint magnet. Do shake your clothes vigorously after removing from the dryer to get rid of loose fibers. ·
  • Just rub the surface of your outfit with dryer sheets for fuzz-free clothes. It’s the sheet’s anti-static laundry properties that spin its magic on your clothes.
  •  Try spraying your clothes with anti-static spray to prevent lint from sticking to it.
  •  A pumice stone can do much more than smooth your skin. Rub it on your clothes to remove all the flecks of lint on your clothes.
  • Did you know your scouring pad does more than scrub pots and pans? You can dampen and soften it to scrub off lint from your clothes.

 You can indeed try these options to remove lint from your clothes. However, if you prefer that’s not so hard to do, and something you can carry along to important meetings, then the best lint roller is a better choice for you.


You have by now learned that there are three types of lint rollers after going through these best lint rollers reviews. They are adhesive lint rollers, lint combs or brushes, and the battery-operated models.

While the sheet-based adhesive lint rollers are most popular, it’s left to you to make the final decision. Read product descriptions before finalizing your roller, and preferably buy a bobbling remover with an ergonomic handle for added comfort while using it.