Small business makes up nearly 50% of the nation’s employment

and more than 40% of its payroll, yet in today’s market, small business owners and operators are often forgotten.

Owning a Business is Stressful!

AMP Payment Systems understands the things that cause a business owner to lay awake at night. When you are staring up at your ceiling, thinking about payroll, revenue numbers, bringing in new customers, and a hundred other things, your business is not getting the best out of you.

Our expertise, services and products are designed to make businesses better.  We are here to be a small part of helping your business work for you, rather than you working for your business.  That is what we consider amplifying success for our merchant partners.

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Come for the payment processing and stay for the customized business solutions. We are your payment processor first and foremost but we also see the value in providing other resources that many business owners need. If all you ever do is process payments with us, we hope you feel better knowing these resources are there just in case For business owners that reach out or engage with us our resources are here to help you improve your business. In the end continued improvement is all we can hope to offer.

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