How it all began …

FoundingAs we looked around the industry landscape, we wondered if there was any merchant services company really doing things differently? Sure, every provider has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, specialties and niches that they take pride in and we certainly take great pride in ours as well. In fact, in Late 2015 our unique approach landed us the account for a national school fundraising organization, but what interested us about working with them was that each location had an individual local owner and operator that we could focus on.  As nice as it is to land a large organization, nothing is more fulfilling than helping a small business owner greatly succeed.  In working primarily with independent small business owners, we knew running a business was often like fixing a plane in flight and there usually isn’t a manual.  It was our assumption that being part of this larger organization, the individual owners would receive a very structured manual that would be the key to their success.

While they certainly had additional resources available, we still found that these new business owners were sometimes stumbling through the process.  Even as we saw their businesses grow they still had a lot of business questions that they did not have answers to.  One of these business owners “Bill” based out of Chicago understood that he needed to do marketing to entice schools to sign up and parents to support the program, but he didn’t know where to start.  As he grew, he needed to hire employees, but didn’t know where to find good employees or how to pick a payroll company to pay them.  Time and again “Bill” would call in with general questions that were well out of our normal sphere of expertise, but we happily advised him from our own experiences.

We realized that “Bill” wasn’t alone in his quest to find the answers to his questions in building his business.  There are endless resources around for comparing services and businesses or reading reviews but if you know you have a need to fill but don’t know the right questions to ask this resource are useless.  Finally, in late 2017 after seeing so many businesses struggle to find their way, AMP Payment Systems realized that it could be a true community resource to small business owners well beyond payment processing.  For that reason, we’re determined to focus on solutions for business owners, and the resources we are able to offer.  As our network of business owners and their knowledge grows, so does our ability to effect change for business owners.

Concerns Impacting the Business Community

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