Want to get rid of tired eyes, blemishes, and dry skin?

Then you certainly need the best men’s face moisturizers in 2024.

By protecting your face from UV rays and airborne chemicals, the a great moisturizer will give you a smoother complexion and youthful-looking skin. Also, by rehydrating your skin’s outer layer, they make sure that you look great around the clock.

But what if you have oily skin? Shouldn’t you cut down on the moisture then?

Absolutely not! Experts tell us that refusing to apply moisture can make your skin oilier. That means that instead of skipping out on them, you need to identify moisturizers which are best for oily skin. And guess what, we’ve got you covered in this area as well.

The Best Face Moisturizers For Men

JACK BLACK Double-Duty Face Moisturizer – Best For Dry Skin

Have a normal skin which is showing signs of aging? Then you certainly need this lightweight moisturizer to get lasting hydration for your skin.


Starting with the best this moisturizer has to offer, it contains potent antioxidants which – by providing UVA/UVB protection – shield your skin from the signs of aging. Equally useful are the vitamins which reinforce the moisture barrier to provide long-lasting hydration.

Furthermore, the blue algae extract used in this moisturizer contains Vitamin E which reduces inflammation and keeps skin supple. Also, when combined with Vitamin A – which is also used in this moisturizer – the Jack Black protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Then there is the rosemary extract which not only fights bacteria but also encourages healing. An infusion of Vitamin A and C, meanwhile, allows this moisturizer to improve the overall tone and appearance of your skin.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the environment, you could use the Jack Black without any qualms since its formula is fragrance-free, cruelty-free and paraben free.


The lightweight formula of this model acts as a double-edged sword. Where on one end it makes the moisturizer perfect for normal, dry skin, on the other it reduces its utility for oil, acne-prone skin.


  • Contains antioxidant ingredients
  • Reduces inflammation and keeps skin supple
  • Fragrance free
  • Lightweight formula


  • Not for oily or acne-prone skin

Final Verdict

Unless you have oily skin which is prone to acne breakouts, there’s no reason why the Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer won’t work out for your skin.

RUGGED & DAPPER Face Moisturizer – Best for Oily Skin

For those of you with an oily skin which acts as a magnet for acne-breakouts, the Rugged & Dapper face moisturizer has got you covered.


In case you were wondering, the reason why this moisturizer is recommended for oily skin has to do with the presence of hyaluronic acid in its ingredients. It provides a gentle moisturizing action without irritating your skin and is lightweight which means your skin’s pores won’t be clogged.

What’s more, unlike most organic acid, hyaluronic acid doesn’t contain any substance which adds more oil to your skin. Also, by keeping your face moisturized at the right level, it would prevent it from secreting excessive oil to keep your skin acne free.

Besides hyaluronic acid, the likes of organic Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil further add to the oil-fighting capability of this moisturizer. While the former absorbs excess sebum, oil, and dirt from your skin pores, the latter helps control oil production in the first place.

Lastly, the Rugged & Dapper contains Vitamin B5 which not only moisturizes but also improves the barrier of your skin. As a result, and by helping your skin to retain optimum moisture, it complements its ability to retain elasticity and softness.


Unfortunately, this model doesn’t contain chemical sunscreen protection or SPF. That means that people who are under the sun most of the day might have a second thought before buying it.


  • Combats oily skin and acne breakouts
  • Rich in useful ingredients
  • Maintains skin’s elasticity and softness


  • Doesn’t have SPF

Final Verdict

Grown fed up with oily skin? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, then the Rugged & Dapper face moisturizer certainly deserves your attention.

Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion – Best moisturizer sunscreen

Found the Rugged & Dapper useful but chose to ignore it since it doesn’t contain sunscreen protection? Then you’d find the Lab Series highly useful.


First thing first, it is the presence of SPF lotion and antioxidants which allows this lotion to provide above-average protection against harmful sun rays. By erecting a barrier against your skin, it combats the aging signs, wrinkles and fine lines which arise due to inordinate sun exposure.

In case you’re worried, the presence of SPF doesn’t make this lotion heavyweight – and therefore unsuitable for most skin types. That is, because, it uses SPF15, a lightweight sunscreen which won’t adversely impact your skin’s suppleness.

Next in the list of its ingredients is butylene glycol – yes, the same ingredient used in everything from concealers to hairsprays. Used as a solvent, it holds moisture to skin and helps dissolve other ingredients to increase the utility of this lotion.

Finally, this lotion contains linoleic acid, which is also known as Vitamin F in normal lingo. It is an essential fatty acid which, in addition to fighting acne, softens the skin to keep it youthful and supple. What’s more, it even has anti-inflammatory properties to minimize scarring and assuage the pain.


If there is one thing users have identified as a drawback in this lotion, it is its price tag. Some of them think that it is too costly for a lotion.


  • Provides brilliant sun protection
  • Helps fight aging signs and wrinkles
  • Stregthens the ability of your skin to retain moisture


  • Pricey

Final Verdict

The Lab Series Daily Moisture Defense Lotion not only provides adequate sun protection but has most of the qualities of a facial moisturizer.

Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Moisturizer

Punching not only above its weight but also above its reputation, the Neutrogena Triple Protect isn’t only lighter than most sunscreens on the market but is incredibly softening as well.


Starting on a high note, the Neutrogena Triple Protect is proof that you don’t need to break the bank to land yourself a decent moisturizer. Its formula allows the Neutrogena to calm razor burn and alleviate skin irritation after burning.

More importantly, unlike other face lotions containing sunscreen, the Neutrogena doesn’t have a heavy formula. Hence the reason why where you can use most other lotions only once a day, the Neutrogena is safe to use three to four times daily.

A rarity for face moisturizers, the Neutrogena smells like you could eat it – which means it is natural, earthy and healthy. Apply it to your face, and not only will your skin feel rich but the lotion would also leave it with a matte finish.

Lastly, if you’re worried about the frequent breakouts of acne, the presence of salicylic acid in this lotion makes it a must-have. This ingredient, by removing excess oil and dirt trapped in pores, not only treat but also helps in preventing any future breakouts.


One customer complained that the screw-off top of this moisturizer isn’t as easy-to-use as a pump or flip-top.


  • Lightweight formula
  • Brilliant smell
  • Treats and prevents acne breakouts


  • Screw-off top not very convenient

Final Verdict

Remain under the sun for most hours of the day? Want something that, while protecting your skin from UV rays, won’t go above-board and end up damaging your skin? Then you can’t go wrong with the Neutrogena Triple Protect.

Brickell Men’s Daily Essential – Best Men Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Though not as famous as some of the other face moisturizers in this review – and certainly not as expensive – the Brickell Men’s Daily Essential is equally useful to your skin.


At the cost of sounding hyperbolical, the Brickell Men’s Daily Essential is a 3-in-1 facial moisturizer. Apart from fighting acne, it removes aging signs and helps unclog big pores. At the same time, by boosting the ability of your skin to retain moisture, it helps it retain the youthful look.

The reason why this face moisturizer could do all this – and much more – has to do with its ingredients. It contains Aloe Vera which, by penetrating the outer layer of your skin, not only supplies moisture but also antioxidants to fight free radicals.

What’s more, people with oily skin can take solace from the fact that this face wash contains hyaluronic acid. A gel-like molecule, hyaluronic acid helps your skin to retain the optimum level of hydration, thereby preventing excess oil and sebum formation.

And if you have sensitive skin, you have an added reason to use this face moisturizer since it doesn’t contain any sulfates. Instead, it creates green tea which supplies anti-oxidants to your skin to not only counter but also reverses the signs of aging.


It isn’t scent-free, so you need to make sure it’s a smell you like before deciding to buy and use.


  • Has hyaluronic acid to fight oily skin
  • Aloe vera to destroy free radicals
  • Contains no sulfates or parabéns


  • Scent may not be for everyone

Final Verdict

Not many lotions out there would alleviate razor irritation, help dry skin to heal and fight the signs of aging. The Neutrogena Men Triple Protect does this and much more. Go for it if you have no problem dealing with its minor scent.

Baxter of California Oil Free Moisturizer

Loved the Brickell Men’s Daily but had to forego it because of the scent? Then the fragrance-free Baxter of California might just be what you need.


Talking about myself, the first thing I’d do when gauging a new face moisturizer is its price tag. Should you share the same habit, here’s some good news for you: this moisturizer is one of the most inexpensive in this review. So you could have it without excessively burdening your pocket.

However, the presence of low price tag doesn’t mean that this Oil-Free Moisturizer is lacking in other areas. Instead, as the presence of chamomile in its list of ingredients suggest – which is a known anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal substance – this moisturizer is punching above its weight.

If you still have doubts, camellia extract should wash them away. It is a soothing agent which also contains antioxidants to protect against sun damage. Furthermore, this moisturizer has exfoliating enzymes which gently prevent skin cell buildup to help retain elasticity.

Lastly, one thing which we found brilliant about this face moisturizer was its absorbing ability. Despite titillating on the heavy side, it absorbs within seconds and won’t make your skin oily either. That means you won’t have a greasy feel on your face either.


Since this face wash is on the thicker side, one would do well to avoid using it on oily skin.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Retain and repair skin’s moisture barrier


  • Not for oily skin

Final Verdict

The Baxter of California Moisturizer absorbs quickly, prevents the buildup of free radicals and soothes your skin to give it a supple finish. What more can you ask for!

MEET THE BULL DOG Original Moisturizer

Apart from the slightly over-the-top name of this moisturizer, there is little reason why it shouldn’t be on your shelf in the coming days.


Ever come across a high-level product whose price matches the supermarket brands? That’s exactly what’s on offer with the Original Moisturizer. Despite costing dirt-cheap, it provides an excellent combination of performance vs. cost.

Furthermore, while this moisturizer isn’t fragrance-free, its natural scent won’t put off many users. And since it is on the thicker side, application of a pea-sized amount to your face will keep it fresh for long periods.

Moving on, while this moisturizer doesn’t provide sunscreen protection – which means it doesn’t have SPF – it more than makes up for this shortcoming by using 8 essential oils as ingredients. The result, as you might guess, are great for your skin.

Lastly, while the manufacturer claims that it could be used on all skin types, we recommend restricting it to dry and/or normal skin. That is, because, being on the thicker side and with no SPF, it might not do well with other skin types.


For those of you who want their moisturizer to provide UV protection, this moisturizer won’t be enough.


  • Dirt cheap
  • Excellent fragrance
  • Thick texture without being greasy


  • No UV protection

Final Verdict

Due to its thick texture, the Meet The Bull moisturizer can be best used in places which have moderate climates throughout the year. Provided you live in such an area, its dirt-cheap price tag means you’re in luck with this moisturizer.

MARLOWE. No. 123 – Best Men Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Most people think that good face moisturizers cost a ton. Yet, as a mere glance over the price tag of this moisturizer would testify, the majority needs to reconsider its thinking.


What is it that has made the Marlowe Amazon’s Choice? For starters, it has deep sea algae extract. A nutrient which is extracted from deep ocean waters, the deep sea algae extract soothes inflamed skin with its cooling action. That property of this moisturizer makes it beneficial for damaged skin.

Fortunately, the utility of the Marlowe doesn’t stop at deep-sea algae extract. Instead, the famous Marlowe M. Blend has three more extracts, the first of which is the green tea extract which, being rich in antioxidants, not only repairs damaged skin cells but also protects them from further damage.

Then comes the willow bark extract whose calming properties allow it to soothe irritated skin and help reduce inflammation. The last ingredient in the Marlowe Blend is the passionflower extract whose richness in Vitamin C allows it to reinforce the moisture level of your skin.

Lastly, this moisturizer uses a combination of Aloe Vera and citrus which gives it a light scent, making it acceptable to most users.


When using it in winter conditions, the lightness of this moisturizer – which makes it useful for those with sensitive skin – means you’d have to reapply it after every few hours.


  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • Brilliant, non-intruding smell
  • Gives a matte finish


  • Not the best in cold weather

Final Verdict

Though designed for all skin types, the Marlowe Moisturizer shows its best colors when used on sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Anti-Aging Retinol Moisturizer

The Anti-Aging Retinol is a 5-in-1 anti-aging moisturizer which not only hydrates your skin but also has the necessary ingredients to leave it with a youthful, supple look.


Go through all the other moisturizers in this review, and you’d see that none of them comes close to providing the 72-hour hydration guarantee which is providing by the Retinol Moisturizer. Not only that but by reinforcing collagen and elastic production, it reduces the appearance of all aging skins on your skin.

How does it do that? Well, this moisturizer uses hyaluronic acid which not only injects moisture into your skin – but also regulates the level of the same. The result is that people with oily skin would find this moisturizer equally useful as those with a dry and/or normal skin.

The duo of Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, meanwhile, have numerous benefits of their own. While the former’s anti-inflammatory properties help it to tame chaffing, reduce skin redness and alleviate the effects of eczema, Vitamin E’s complex vitamins help in damage control and skin repair.

Still, if you think that these are only claims made out of thin air, consider the fact that the Retinol Moisturizer was manufactured at an FDA-approved facility and has also received the endorsement of PETA. That means you could use it with full satisfaction.


For those of you who are smell sensitive, the Retinol Moisturizer leaves something to be desired as it does have an orangey smell.

  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Provides 72-hour hydration


  • Orangey smell

Final Verdict

Think you could put up with its not-too-strong orangey smell? If your answer to this question is in the affirmative, the Retinol Moisturizer is a must-have for you.

Lather & Wood’s Luxurious Face Moisturizer

Whether you’re prone to oily breakouts or have a face which has been battered by cold weather, the Lather and Wood’s Luxurious face moisturizer is a must-have product to add to your routine.


Starting with the best this moisturizer has to offer, it follows the typical minimal style of the brand – from packaging, which will look great on your shelf to the moisturizer itself. It’s wood color bottle, meanwhile, will complement any drawer.

More importantly, and this is important, it suits all skin types, and particularly those which have sensitivity problem. Apply it to your face, and you’d see how easily it gets absorbed without leaving a trace of the product behind.

Thanks to the soothing Vitamin E, it will leave your face feeling balanced and refreshed right from the off. The neutral smell (you won’t find any artificial fragrance, which is great for those with sensitive skin) means that this product won’t interfere with the skincare products you’re already using.

What’s more, despite coming in the under $20 price tag, a little of this product will go a long way. That means one bottle, even on extensive usage, should last you a fair amount of time.


Some of the users have complained that the new pump has a poor design which makes it hard for the user to get the moisturizer out.

  • Neutral smell
  • Gets easily absorbed
  • Safe for those with sensitive skin


  • Question marks about design

Final Verdict

The lackluster design of the pump, though not a deal-breaker for the majority, is a major flaw in an otherwise impeccable moisturizer. Were it not for it, we’d have given this moisturizer top marks. Still, as things stand, you could do worse than going for this moisturizer.

NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Face Cream

As first impressions go, the Nivea Men Maximum Hydration resembles more deodorant than a facial moisturizer. Fortunately, however, we had no qualms about the design once we had used this moisturizer.


The Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizer has been dermatologically tested to nourish skins on the drier side. Prepared with Nivea’s Hydra-IQ technology, this moisturizer supports your skin’s natural hydration level and provides moisture for a whole day.

Also, when you’d apply it for the first time, you might not help but notice that the moisturizer is a bit on the heavier side. There is no need to worry, though, as moments after its application, your dry skin will absorb the lotion, leaving no stickiness or grease behind.

Furthermore, while the size of the moisturizer bottle is the largest of any in the review – it weighs an impressive 16.9 oz – the moisturizer’s thickness means you’d only need a pea-sized dab to get the desired results. As a result, one bottle should last you months.

In the end, while this moisturizer is heavily scented, it gives off the fragrance of men’s cologne. Provided you like it – as most men do – it will freshen up your mood as well.


Since this moisturizer is on the thicker side, that aspect reduces its utility especially if one is to use it on sensitive skins.

  • Men’s cologne smell
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Provides moisture for a whole day


  • Not for sensitive skin

Final Verdict

Recommended for face, body, and hands, the Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Lotion products 24+ hour moisturization. Add to this the presence of Aloe Vera in its ingredients, and selecting this product seems a no-brainer.


Available in a 1.69fl oz bottle, the N07 is an advanced day moisturizer that is recommended by its manufacturer to be used on sensitive skin. Will it suit you? Let’s find out.


In case you’re wondering, the reason why this moisturizer is recommended for sensitive skin is that it is free of fragrances and sulfates. That, in turn, means that this moisturizer would be gentle enough easily irritated skin types.

Fortunately, though, only sensitive skin types aren’t the only ones who could take advantage of this moisturizer. That’s because it has SPF30 which protects your skin under the sun while also derailing the signs of premature aging.

Moreover, to turn back the clock on your wrinkles, this moisturizer hydrates, and firms things up with its Intense Anti-Aging Serum. The serum does that by removing dead cells which would otherwise prevent your skin from looking and feeling younger.

Having said that, people who’d find this moisturizer the most useful are undoubtedly the ones who have sensitive skin. It has a fragrance-free formula to prevent irritation plus also has a lighter configuration to not clog pores and keep acne at bay.


For a moisturizer which claims to cater sensitive skin types, some of its users have complained that the S07 leaves a greasy feeling behind.

  • Has SPF 30
  • Hydrates and firms up your skin
  • Removes dead cells to eliminate wrinkles


  • Leaves a greasy feeling behind

Final Verdict

Though certainly not the best face moisturizer for sensitive skin – since it leaves a greasy feeling behind – the NO7 Men’s Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Moisturizer isn’t very far, either.

Best Men’s Face Moisturizer Buying Guide

To let you know the factors which separate the best men’s face moisturizers from the riffraff in 2024, this buying guide comes into play.

Your Skin Type

Before you go online and order the moisturizer, identify your skin type. Only once you have done that should you move forward and check out the ingredients of the moisturizer. There are five types of skin: normal, dry, oily or acne-prone, sensitive or itchy, and eczema.

All of them are briefly explained here.

Normal Skin

People with normal skin have small pores that aren’t easily visible. Such a skin doesn’t have a great deal of shin, and it isn’t either flaky or cracked. Furthermore, normal skin has no marked blemishes, contains few wrinkles and has an even tone.

Dry Skin

People with dry skin generally feel a tightness in their face. They might also see some flaking or scaly patches. Also, regardless of your age, dry skin could lead to regular skin irritation as well as premature lines and wrinkles.

Oily or Acne Prone Skin

Does your face remain shiny all the time without any makeup? Then it’s likely that you’ve oily skin. It is a result of our body producing huge amounts of sebum, an oily hormone which keeps our skin hydrated and soft. However, when produced in excess amount, it leads to acne breakouts.

Sensitive or Itchy Skin

Redness, itching, dryness, and burning are the major indicators of one having sensitive skin. It is easily aggravated by weather or harsh products, resulting in stinging, rashes and blotchy patches. Sensitive skin, on exposure to sun and wind, tends to flush red.


Strictly speaking, eczema isn’t a skin type but a skin disorder which is caused by inflammation and results in red, itchy and dry skin. Though commonly found in children, some adults – especially those with inordinate exposure to the sun – can also get it.


Already identified what type of skin you have? Now it’s time for you to select only that moisturizer whose ingredients match your skin type. And guess what, we’ve listed down the ingredients which are considered best for each skin type mentioned above.

Ingredients for Normal Skin

Since your skin has no major problems, we recommend getting a moisturizer which boasts sunscreen, at least of SPF 130. Also, the moisturizer should be fragrance and oil-free. Still, if you want your skin to look fresh and healthy, go for a moisturizer with antioxidants.

Ingredients for Dry Skin

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best-known ingredients for dry skin, as its heaviness keeps the skin hydrated. Glycerin, proteins and even urea also attract water. Mineral oil and lanolin, meanwhile, make sure that the collected moisture is locked in place.

Ingredients for Oily Skin

People with oily skin tend to have clogged skin pores. What they need in their moisturizer, then, are alpha-hydroxy acids which are anti-aging as well. Also, if your skin has acne, go for a non-comedogenic facial moisturizer – which means they shouldn’t clog pores and/or irritate the skin.

Ingredients for Sensitive Skin

When selecting ingredients for sensitive skin, remember this rule of thumb: the lower, the better. That is, because, since your skin is already fragile, you cannot experiment with it. That means you should only select a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Ingredients for Eczema

For eczema, use a thick moisturizer – preferably one which contains petrolatum which is a known moisturizing ointment.

Climate – Where You Live Matters

In contrast to what most people believe, the climate in which they live plays an important part in the ability of your skin to retain moisture. That means you should pay heed and adjust your moisture with your climate.

For instance, if you live in a humid environment, you’ll need a lightweight moisturizer. Similar is the case for those living in warm conditions. Conversely, if it’s always raining in your part of the woods, you’ll need something heavier to complement the ability of your skin to retain moisture.

Choosing the Top Rated Facial Moisturizers for Men

There you have them; 12 of the best men face moisturizers which money can buy. From those with dry skin to sensitive skin types – and those having oily skin which is prone to acne breakouts – we’ve reviewed and recommended a moisturizer for every skin type. Not stopping at reviews, we’ve also provided you with a detailed buying guide on the moisturizers.

Having done all of that, we now pass the baton to you. It’s time for you to identify your skin type, and select the moisturizer which best complements it. Good luck!