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»10 Tips to Prepare for Early Retirement

My man ESI from makes a return today to share his tips on what to really focus on in order to grow our wealth exponentially.

ESI is the founder of ESI Money

» Can Rewards Make People Use Cryptocurrencies as Their Creators Intended?

As bitcoin’s market swings steal the headlines, there are some people in the cryptocurrency industry who are trying to push the market back toward its original intent as a decentralized means of payment.

» AmEx Says It Will End Its Signature Requirement, Leaving Visa As the Last U.S. Holdout

American Express Co. on Monday became the third of the four major U.S. card brands to announce it will cease requiring signatures for transactions made with its cards at the point of sale beginning in April 2018.
Kevin woodward at Digital Transactions

» Wal-Mart And Visa Settle Lawsuits Over Debit Routing and Credit Card Interchange

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. confirmed Friday that it will settle its lawsuit against Visa Inc. over EMV debit card transaction routing. That news comes one day after the two leaders in their respective industries settled lawsuits they filed against each other stemming from the massive and still-ongoing credit card interchange litigation that dates back to 2005.
Jim Daly at Digital Transactions

» Credit Card Payments Continue To Lead the Pack in Growth, Fed Study Finds

Boosted by e-commerce sales, growth in credit card payments far outpaced growth in debit card and automated clearing house payments in 2016, according to newly released findings from the Federal Reserve.
Jim Daly at Digital Transactions

» Five Tips To Help Your Merchants Master Their Loyalty Programs – Commentary

Swipe, confirm sale, and sign. Swipe, confirm sale, and sign. Checkout on a point-of-sale system is a routine engagement for today’s consumers, and as such, many businesses overlook the opportunities that a POS system can provide. As an advisor to these businesses, you can inform them that POS is no longer just for payments. A POS system can be a versatile, multipurpose tool with the potential to foster customer engagement, especially where loyalty is concerned.
Brad Kime at Digital Transactions

» Fighting the Good Fight – PDF

Ed McKinley Defense Force