Take more Vacations as a Business Owner

Most business owners dream of being able to take more vacations, but they simply can’t imagine how.  The idea of leaving your business unattended for a short period of time can be extremely overwhelming.  So, what does a business owner do?

Why Vacations are Important

First off, I believe it’s imperative to understand why it’s so important to be able to take more vacations.  One glaring reason is to avoid burnout (which isn’t good for you), your employees, customers or your business.  Once you reach the point of no return, there could be no amount of time away that will re-energize you.  Therefore, its vital to avoid that burn out at all costs.

Create Processes

Whether you realize it or not you probably have processes and procedures in your head for everything you do business related.  Although you might feel like only you can handle these tasks, the reality is that you can probably train someone to do it almost as well as you do.  We all know employees don’t have the ability to read minds, the most important first step is to document a process down on paper (literally or figuratively). Complete this step and your plan to take more vacations is on its way.

Train & Empower

How do you know someone can’t do the job you currently do if you don’t give them a chance?  Training is the most effective way to help someone master a new skill or task, so train your team to do some or all your daily tasks.  Have some patience, because nobody will be perfect right away, but be persistent.  Then, give them the opportunity to show you what they can do under your supervision and you will be able to take more vacations per your desire.

Plan & Execute

Your employee and staff are only as good as your leadership, planning and execution with your presence or whether you are living the take more vacations dream.  So, put a plan together of what you need them to get done based on their training then allow them to execute your plan, just ensure that you have a way to verify things are completed.

Following these simple steps will allow you as a business owner to step away, take more vacations or just have some days off without having a panic attack.


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