5 Daily Tasks To Maximize Sales Success

Sales is often given a bad wrap, but when done properly it is the means by which business is constantly improved.  Without other sales people competing to take business from you, the hunger by which you serve your merchants would not be the same.

That competition brings out the best in you and provides your merchant partners with a supreme level of service.  With that in mind, here are 5 daily tasks that will keep you sharp, increase sales, ensure your merchants are happy and that you maximize sales success!

Maximize Sales Success AMP Payment Systems

Maximize Sales Success AMP Payment Systems

Maximize Sales Success

  1. Rise and Plan Your Day: A successful and productive day starts with a good plan.  Whatever you use to organize yourself, take 5-10 minutes to organize your day.  Keep some flexibility for when appointments inevitability reschedule.
  2. Walk Into a New Business and Start a Conversation: Unless you are the mythical sales person that has more clients then they can handle, then you need new business.  How about meeting a new prospect.  Walk in the door and introduce yourself, it is never as bad as you think it will be.
  3. Ask for Referrals: Whether from an existing customer, new appointment or the business you just walked in to. People are more willing than you think to provide referrals, even if you didn’t don’t business together.
  4. Listen to a Sales Book on Audible: Your first audio-book is free, you can’t beat that!!  Learn something new today to make you a better sales person, parent, negotiator, planner, etc.  Keep learning!
  5. Ignore Social Media: You are on the road and you have 20 min before you next appointment. You can sit in the parking lot and browse social media or you can call a follow up, reschedule a cancelled appointment or walk into a new business.

The difference between a good sales person and a top producing sales person is rarely talent, it is the little things.  Give these 5 little things a try tomorrow and see what you accomplish!

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