Sales is a hard business but can also be very fulfilling financially and, in a job, well done. So, why make your job even harder by not being prepared. Here is a list of 5 things to carry with you always:
Notepad & Pen:

Even if you use your phone, iPad or laptop to take notes and document information, having a notepad and pen can still save you. Taking a phone call? How easy is it to also take notes on your phone? When you take physical notes during a meeting you seem to look more engaged compared to your iPad or computer.

Gum or Mints:< These are one of the easiest things to carry, because nobody likes bad breath. However, this can also be a life saver for a colleague that came unprepared after lunch. People won’t listen to what you have to say if they can’t stand your breath! No Briefcase: Have a professional sales bag, messenger bag, or something similar. However, don’t ever carry a brief case or modern version. People don’t want to feel like they are meeting with a “sales person.” Chargers: You rely on electronics to do your job effectively, but many people run out of juice during a very important meeting. Put a charger in your car, in your bag along with other important things to carry. Extra Business Cards: Technology has not figured out a better way to provide your information to another person other than a business card. Your list of things to carry will never be complete with all the cards you might need and then a few more! Remembering these things to carry won’t make you a superstar, but they will help you to not trip yourself along the way. What other items do you always carry on you? References: