This is a powerful phrase when used at the end of an interaction, in any business that is focused on driving revenue.  (Which is every business) Whether it is after a sale, or at the end of an unsuccessful sale it is a very powerful statement.  At this point your customer or client has made their decision, whether to buy/not buy and they have relaxed their guard.  This is the perfect setting to help improve the situation for you and prospect at the same time with “Just one more thing”.

Create Opportunity on the Way Out

It doesn’t matter if you are at their location or if they have come into your location to potential do business together.  “Just One More Thing…” courtesy of Phil M Jones the author of Exactly What to Say, re-opens the gates.  This is an outstanding upsell statement.

– Just one more thing, now that you have decided on this pair of jeans might I suggest a great t-shirt to go with it.

– Just one more thing, now that you have this beautiful banner printed you may want to consider some window signage.

The power of the statement is incredible, and it is a very non aggressive approach that works in many situations.

Making a Smaller Request

Your customer decided that now was not the time to make the purchase, sign up or to renew, so this is a great time to ask for a smaller request.

For example, instead of agreeing to interior design services for the entire house, why not approach one room to start.  Just one more thing, it might make sense to agree to move forward with the master bedroom design now and wait on the rest of the house, what do you think?

Think about a restaurant offering a taster of a specific beer for free before you commit to a pint. This is a real-life usage of make a smaller request and it works wonders.

Ask for a Small Commitment

Making a more specific but smaller request typically comes into play when asking for a small commitment when the previous attempts for a larger commitment were unsuccessful.  This is excellent for service businesses or industries with a longer sales cycle, to get a small commitment to allow them to see your level of service at first hand.

Example:  Just one more thing, I understand you are not ready today to change your pool service permanently. Would you be open to our contract reduced price for two weeks, so that you can see our level of commitment to quality service?

Asking for Referrals

When the meeting or interaction is ending, whether business was transacted or not there is likely a certain level of rapport built.  This is a great time to request a referral, but many people have trouble asking or knowing when to ask.

Example:  Just one more thing before you go, I believe that you have felt comfortable with me here today and I provide this level of service to everyone.  Can you think of two friends that would benefit from speaking to me?

I hope this blog has spurred some great ideas of how you can institute Just One More Thing into your business today.  Just one more thing, if you find value in our blog we would greatly appreciate a positive review on our Facebook page here and check out some of our other blog posts.