Why Have a Merchant of the Month?

The simple answer is that we work with amazing businesses and business owners on a daily basis and they deserve some recognition. As a merchant services company we hope to receive referrals and appreciation for providing excellent service. We thought it was only right to do the same for our merchant partners.

How Does It Work?

The merchant of the month has typically been on board with us 6 months or less because early on is usually when a business owner needs more assistance from our staff.

Once a few of our more recent business owners have been recognized, our management staff will pick a business from all the great merchant partners we have.

Merchant of the month with AMP Payment Systems

Merchant of the month with AMP Payment Systems

How Does It Help the Merchant?

Other than providing a much deserved pat on the back in a position that doesn’t usually come with many, there are some other perks.

1.) Merchant of the month is recognized on the AMP website in the alerts section.

2.) Merchant is recognized in our merchant buzz weekly newsletter and our Ridge report newsletter to industry professionals.

3.) Merchant received a complimentary marketing review consultation (Typically a $1,500 value)


I Already Have Marketing

If your marketing plan is revised regularly the consultation may not provide you additional insight, but may just confirm the ideas you already had. However, many successful established businesses find some new important information after the consultation. So what the harm!?


Can I Apply?

The merchant of the month comes from employee recommendations so if you would like to throw your hat in please call into our office and speak to one of our staff members. Even if you don’t have a problem that needs solving we are always happy to hear from you!