What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Grocers!! New age technology is here and the time to upgrade your supermarket is now! Omnichannel, a multichannel approach to sales, seeks to provide your customer with a seamless shopping experience whether your customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store. Today, 2 in 5 shoppers buy groceries online at least once every three months. By 2025, research firm Nielsen predicts, online grocery shopping will cover 20 percent of the whole grocery market.

Like retail, the grocery industry is constantly changing, and businesses need to think about providing their customers with the experiences they want. This is particularly important as disruptions in the industry have begun to alter consumer expectations and demands. An omni-channel approach allows grocery retailers to reach customers wherever they are and provide the most convenient ways to shop. Whether it is in-store, online, on-mobile or even via kiosks, grocers need to know their audience and implement strategies that help build loyalty and work best for their business.

Omni-Channel Marketing With AMP Payment Systems

Omni-Channel Marketing With AMP Payment Systems

Methods that grocers can use to implement Omni-Channel;

  1. Mobile Shopping Apps
  2. Click and Collect & Curbside Pickup
  3. Home Delivery
  4. In-Store Mobile Product Scanning
  5. Ordering Kiosk
  6. Scan and go

Multi-channel shopping is on the rise and will evolve into a full-fledged shopping practice. Omni-channel shopping experiences will become a brand differentiator for e-retailers.Retailers who are equipped to deliver multi-channel or omni-channel experiences for their customers will be able to boost their sales volumes significantly.

Convenience is a core element in consumers’ decision to shop, customers will hold you responsible for the poor shopping experience. Retailers wishing to shape the market and win over competitors must move quickly and fearlessly. If you need advice getting ready for the digital future of grocery shopping, do not hesitate to contact us.