Whether you are a business owner, sales person or work in any other job your energy level is vital to the performance of your duties and to your personal satisfaction.  If you run out of energy half way through the day, your decision making, and performance suffer.  However, there are some easy ways to increase energy which will have a positive effect on your performance

Reduce Caffeine:

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive to cut down on caffeine when you want more energy.  However, like any other stimulant the more you use it the less effective it becomes.  Eventually it has a negative effect on your energy level and those crashes hit you hard.  If you can’t go cold turkey start simply by cutting down on your intake.  One less cup of coffee, or one less energy drink, one step at a time to increase energy.

Improve Sleep Patterns:

This one might sound obvious, that if you get more sleep you will have more energy throughout the day.  However, it is often not just the amount but the quality of sleep that effects your energy level.  Going to bed at a certain time or time range each night and waking up at a certain time can help the quality of sleep that will increase energy.

Limiting electronics and distractions right before bed will allow you to get to sleep faster and turning off notifications on your phone will make the sleep better.  Better and more consistent sleep patterns might make you feel like a different person.  In fact, we offer an employee program for goal achievement and those that have tracked their sleep pattern have seen amazing results.

Exercise/Break a Sweat:

For those that don’t exercise you might assume that expending energy in exercising and breaking a sweat you would reduce your energy rather than increase energy.  However, as someone that has spent part of my life in business not exercising and part exercising I can attest that it simply isn’t true.  The energy rush that you get from exercise is unmatched.  And if you don’t currently work out it doesn’t take much exercise to benefit you.  Start with a day or two a week and work from there.

Take Short Breaks:

It is scientifically proven that taken staggered short mental breaks throughout the day increases performance and helps to avoid burn out.  If you want to increase energy don’t be afraid to take a mental break every hour or so.  A few minutes is all you need if you are sitting peacefully or go for a walk.  You will come back re-energized and ready for the next burst of work that needs to be done.

These 4 easy tricks are just a few of the many ways to increase energy and thus your daily output.  Try at least one of these out to find what works best for you.