You probably receive a lot of calls regarding your merchant processing and then you receive a notification call. It is difficult to decipher what call is what and know who it is you should be talking to, right?  So instead of engaging with anyone or choosing to schedule an appointment you might avoid the situation but if you do decide to take a meeting we promise to put great value on your time.

Industry is Changing

In the age of technology, the payments industry like most industries is changing faster than it ever has before.  Whether it be pricing, software, hardware, rules and regulations, there is value in taking some time to evaluate the updated landscape.

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

You may not want or feel the need to change how you are currently processing your credit cards or think that the wholesale upgrade isn’t right for you. Being open-minded to discussing your business needs is the first step. There is only one way to find out and that is to reevaluate your business at times.

No obligation on upgrading

Scheduling an appointment with a local representative comes with no commitment on upgrading other than a little bit of your time.  Investing 30 minutes of your time could give you some peace of mind and allow you to reevaluate the upgrade your business has now become eligible for.


Local Representative

Technology is king and face to face service may no longer seem necessary, but we disagree.  We value the face to face meeting between our merchants and our local agents.  Nobody understands the business environment you face better than someone that lives in that very environment and works with business owners all day. Our local representatives are a valuable resource knowing they are only a phone call away whether you need technical support or have questions.



Hopefully after reading this blog it has made it easier for you to decide whether you schedule an appointment or continue to ignore all the noise surrounding your merchant account. hopefully reading this has made your decisions easier.