3 Ways to Secure Processing

Accepting credit cards in this day and age is one of the most common methods of consumer payment.  As a business owner card data security, & fraud protection are vital parts of secure processing regardless of your provider. However, accepting credit cards doesn’t have to come with constant paranoia. In this post we will demonstrate several solutions for protecting the credit card data of your consumers and ensuring secure processing for your business.

Ways to protect your customers credit card data:

  1. PCI Compliance – What is PCI Compliance you may ask? PCI Compliance is the technical and operational standards that businesses must adhere to ensure their customers’ card data is protected. Do the PCI Compliance standards apply to you? Whether you process payments on a frequent or non-consistent basis, all business that accept credit cards payments are required to comply with the PCI DSS standards set forth by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.
    Secure Processing AMP Payment Systems

    Secure Processing AMP Payment Systems

  1. EMV Compliance – EMV also known as “Europay MasterCard and Visa” is the newest standard that has surfaced for credit and debit cards. The microchip technology enables cryptographic processing which creates a unique one-time transaction that is transmitted between the EMV compliant device (Such as the Verifone & Dejavoo lines) and the acquiring bank. Processing without the means to accept these chip based cards, puts your business and card holder at risk. This in turn shifts the liability of possible fraudulent activity and the financial responsibility that follows onto the business owner.
  1. Choosing the right partner – It is imperative that you choose a payment processor that complies with all the highest industry standards including PCI and EMV.  AMP Payment Systems is committed to ensuring our merchants are compliant and have the tools available to secure and protect the card data processed for all consumers.  To learn more about secure processing and the programs AMP Payment Systems has to offer, please feel free to contact our dedicated support staff.

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