4 Benefits to Mobile Payment Processing

Does your business demand constant travel? Ever find customers are perturbed at the length of time it takes for check-out? Would you like for your customers to have the leisure of paying at their table? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, mobile payment processing may be right for you.

4 Benefits of Mobile Payment Processing

1. More Sales Opportunity: Whether you are a caterer, hair stylist, personal trainer, contractor or anyone whose business requires travel, mobile payment processing can open the door to your business success by allowing payments to be accepted while on the go. By attaching a card reader to an IOS or Android device, merchants now can expand their business to nearly anywhere.

2. Paying at the Table: Now consider increased turnover and revenues, better customer service and better tips, as well as improved security. Implementing pay at the table for your business opens the opportunity for these benefits.

Mobile Payment Processing AMP Payment Systems

3. Loyalty Programs: The convenience of mobile technology can improve the customer experience resulting in customer loyalty and increased sales. Popular mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay also enable consumers to store multiple loyalty and reward cards and keep track of their loyalty balances all in one place. Mobile payment processing generates the ability to connect to your customers in more ways than one.

4. Payment Security: Falling victim to the liability of payment card fraud is reduced by adding mobile payment processing because most of table side and mobile phone readers are EMV ready. To protect cardholder data, customer data is encrypted and stored in the cloud — not on the device.


Thanks to advances in technology, mobile payment processing will see explosive growth. Don’t fall behind this exciting trend. Contact Amp Payment Systems to learn more about wireless and mobile credit card processing and find a payment processing solution that is right for your business.