As a small business owner, you may feel that the marketing tools of the big boys are out of reach, but you are wrong.  Automation and professional marketing can be yours most likely for the same budget you are already spending.  Find out what small business marketing tools you have advantage of today:


In this week’s other blog, we discussed the importance of a website, but we didn’t stress the importance of the website as a marketing tool.  Your website is one of the major small business marketing tools that you have at your disposal.  It is always preferred to drive business to your website whether it’s from email marketing, AdWords or printed marketing.

Email Marketing

A tool such as Mail Chimp is free for small businesses to generate professional email marketing and notification emails.  If you aren’t taking advantage of small business marketing tools like mail chimp that cost you nothing for the basic features you are missing out.  Sign up today!  You can be sending your first professional emails within 20 minutes.

Google AdWords

The beauty of electronic marketing is that it is easily scalable to match your budget.  The other beauty is that with some time and effort you can learn to manage your own campaign, although a professional may be worth the investment.  Whether you are tech savvy or not, do not be afraid of google AdWords and Facebook marketing.

Printed Materials

Printed materials are still a significant part of the small business marketing tools for many business owners.  Because of that it is important to have professional materials, and those can be done much easier but most importantly for less expense than you might expect.  The difference between professional design and homemade design is night and day.  We would be happy to guide you through the process.

There are some extremely powerful small business marketing tools at your disposal, if you only put them to work.  We can help with much more than merchant processing, call us to find out how we can help your business.


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