When wondering if a Commission Sales Job is worth it, you have to first ask is it worth it for who?  Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is the beauty of commission  sales.  Not all sales people are of the same mold and sales people tend to fall into two very general categories.  There are those that perform best with a significant safety net in the form of a base or large income guarantee. Then there are those that are comfortable with little or no safety net in exchange for higher career and income upside. Now, before you start running through all the possible unique situations,  keep in mind that I am being purposefully general in this instance for simplicity sake.

Questions to Ask

In evaluating the idea of a commission sales job for yourself, close your eyes and picture yourself on that rope.  Are you an individual that will stretch out of their comfort zone in an effort to wow the crowed (clients)?  Are you always reaching for new heights and conquering new challenges?  Still not sure?

How about when you walk into meet with a potential customer/client, are you able to focus on that client 100%, and put all other personal or work stresses to the side? How comfortable are you with having someone else determine your income rather then your own efforts and satisfied clients? Are you confident in your ability to provide to the client what you promised?

If these questions didn’t clarify things for you, then you already have your answer and you are better off passing on a commission sale position no matter the opportunity.  However, if you felt confident answering these questions and you realized you need control over you income you might be just the right good candidate for a commission sales job. Now your task is to find one that excites you!

Perhaps we have a position that would meet your new founds goals of freedom. Feel free to contact our recruiters to find out.

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