You have most certainly been marketed to regarding a Merchant Cash Advance MCA, or other business financing right? You may have read or personally heard a range of experiences from business owners.  Some are adamant that the Merchant Cash Advance MCA sunk their business and was the reason for them closing.  On the opposite end, some feel it SAVED their business. So, how are you supposed to decide for yourself if a merchant cash advance is good or bad for your business?

Merchant Cash Advance MCA AMP Payment Systems

Merchant Cash Advance MCA AMP Payment Systems

The Secret

What is the secret that not many people will tell you; MCA’s don’t ruin businesses or save them for that matter.  This alternate financing is just a tool, in the same way that a hammer is a tool.  A hammer doesn’t accomplish any task without someone wielding it.  And a Merchant Cash Advance MCA  doesn’t destroy, or create without the business owner’s direction. For a business, whose owner practices poor fundamentals, has not MANAGED THE HEALTH of their marketing, and has not created processes, an MCA will only exasperate the existing issues.

On their other hand if you have created processes, checked up on your marketing, and know your business financials you may be a great candidate.  You may be ready to wield a Merchant Cash Advance MCA for good.  That infusion of capital can be just the boost that an otherwise sound business needs to kick sales and profits into high gear. How do you feel your business would respond? What would you do with an injection of capital?  Would it widen cracks that may already exist or would it strengthen the foundation you have built?

Now that understand that a Merchant Cash Advance MCA is neither good or bad for your business by itself, put some thought into the previous questions.  Only you can determine if it is right for your business.

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