Does Your Business Have Healthy Marketing Plan?

Marketing is a very scary word for most business owners. Marketing is one of those things that we know is important but man if isn’t difficult to understand, but is often much more concerning then merchant services.  Even seasoned marketing professionals cannot always put into words exactly what marketing is or what it does for your business.  As a small help to determine if you have a healthy marketing plan here is a checkup.

If you can answer the questions confidently you probably have a healthy marketing plan, and if some of the questions are a little foggy you may have some work to do.  But never fear because marketing doesn’t have to be scary or expensive.

  • Who in your business is responsible for marketing?
  • Do you have a marketing budget? (If so what is it and how did you come to that?)
  • Do you know everywhere you are marketing? (If so make a list)
  • What is your overall return on investment of your marketing? (How about for each place you are marketing?)
  • What do you do when you find a piece of marketing that is not working? (Do you know when your marketing isn’t working?)
  • How do you track your marketing response?
  • When was the last time you sat down to review who your target customer is? (If not in the last 12 months you may want to.)
  • How often do you test new marketing medias or new offers?

Were the 8 questions of the healthy marketing plan more difficult or less difficult to answer than you thought?  If they were more difficult don’t worry, it is perfectly normal.  Many businesses are not leveraging a marketing plan and maximizing their marketing dollars.  As a place to start, we highly recommend the 1-page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib, for do it yourself business owners to get a new look at the old problem of marketing.

If you would like more hands-on assistance, we are happy to provide more insight and perhaps some simply tools to our merchant services partners.  For a little bit more information regarding marketing and our other value added services click here.


Reference: The 1-Page Marketing Plan Successwise (January 18, 2016)