Science says that habits are patterns formed by the brain, and that we can adjust those bad habits by adjusting the pattern.  A habit is made up of a cue that triggers the habit, the routine or habit itself and the reward or feeling after.  These are some bad habits that can greatly hinder business owners, so be aware!

Getting Mired in Details:

The businesses IS your baby, and how can you let anyone but yourself work through the details day to day, right?  Wrong.  If you spend your day worried about every detail of a specific task how are you going to plan for growth?  As the saying goes the devil is in the details, but you need to get out of the details!!  Think about what situations cause you to want to dig into those minute details?  Be aware of that situation and when it arises focus on the big picture that is being accomplished and why.

You will still experience the same feeling of being informed and accomplished but with a different perspective.  Try this a couple more times this week and see how your view of the business changes.  Think about if you feel more in control seeing the bigger picture of all the details.

Business Owners AMP Payment Systems

Business Owners AMP Payment Systems

Being the Only Decision Maker:

As the owner, founder, CEO or whatever other titles you have for all the hats you wear, nearly all decisions come through you as with many business owners.  Well, how many decisions can you handle making in a day, and does every decision you make significantly effect the business?  Is it possible that you are tiring yourself out making simple or mundane decisions and then have difficulty making major important decisions?

This is called decision fatigue, and is a topic for a different blog post, but it is literally running out of the capacity to make decisions.  In essence you have only a certain amount of decisions in you per day, and if you waste them on minor decisions like should I hand out paychecks today, or should you?  Should we employees wear their red uniform shirt or the blue uniform shirt tomorrow?  Are those really life or death questions that absolutely need your attention?

Probably not, so next time a decision shows up on your plate that clearly isn’t vital try delegating it.  Let your Assistant Manager or General Manager make the smaller decisions.  You will find that the decision still gets made, the sky doesn’t fall, and you take a little bit of pressure off of yourself.  Continue to practice this and evaluate the decision-making ability of those around you.  I bet you will be surprised at how capable they are of making smart decisions!

Be on the lookout for Part II on 2/28/18