Business owners are all individuals and unique thinkers, but we do get often get the same common questions or merchant FAQs.  Today, lets cover 5 frequently asked questions that may help fill in some gaps for you.  We will most certainly address additional questions at a future time.

What are you doing to plan for future changes?

In some ways we are at the mercy of the card brands and the government as both sets of entities make sometimes competing decisions.  Those decisions are then pushed through the system and it is our duty to adapt.  Although those decisions make sometimes cause us all headaches, our job is to make it as simple as we humanly can.

Why do you prefer interchange pricing?

That is a fantastic question, that we get very often.  The simplest explanation is because it is the most transparent merchant pricing method, as it is the wholesale cost of accepting credit cards passed on to the business owner with a slight mark up.

What if I sell my business?

For many business owners selling and walking away is the goal even before they have started the business, so we would be remiss if we did not have a plan to help you.  As a policy, we offer a cancellation of the merchant account with no penalty if the buyer of the business processes their payments with us.  The policy varies from company to company.

I already charge a credit card fee to customers, and not had any problems why do I need to change?

Well let me wipe the sweat off my forehead for you, because you have been extremely fortunate so far.  We have had many business owners that felt the same way until they received notification from the credit card brands about the potential fines and penalties.  There is a right way to account for credit card processing costs now, so continue the old way at your own peril.


We know this is only the tip of the iceberg, so please feel free to send us your other questions.  If you need something immediately please feel free to contact our support team or your local representative.