Hi everyone. This is Chene and today I will be demonstrating reprinting VX520 receipt for the Verifone desktop terminal.

Beginning on the main screen which should read Sale Refund Void

Beginning on the main screen which should read Sale Refund Void
1.) Press the 3rd purple key from the left
2.) If you’d like to reprint the last receipt Select F2
3.) If you’d like to reprint a receipt from within the open batch select F3
4.) You’ll be prompted to enter the invoice number which will be found on the original authorized receipt. Once you’ve entered this information press the green enter key.
5.) A duplicate receipt will then proceed to print.
6.) You’ll be prompted to print a duplicate customer copy as well.  Select F1 for yes or F2 for no.
7.) The terminal will then return to the main screen which should read Sale Refund Void.

Thank you for watching, reprinting VX520 receipt.  Be sure to stay tuned for more payment processing video tutorials from AMP Payment Systems. If you are still in need of service on your Verifone VX520 please call 1-800-231-7087 or request service at: https://amppaymentsystems.com/request-service/

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