Keeping in touch with a customer or partner is vital to both future sales, referrals and building a base of referrals.  There are some very simple ways to keep in touch without overwhelming your customers.  Remember they are just as busy as you are!

  1. Create an Email List:

    Building an email marketing list is not just for large or parent companies, it is viable for individual representatives.  Emails can be automated to make it simple but keep you top of mind with your customers.  You can track your list manually or use a service like MailChimp.  Pro Tip, 75% of your emails should be of direct service to your customer rather not pushing your services

  2. Blog:

    If you haven’t blogged before it can feel overwhelming, however there are many resources to help you set up a blog.  Choose a domain and either a paid or free service. (Your web developer can make a recommendation.)  Producing content helps to keep you in touch with your own business and provides good information to email to your customers.

  3. Offer Referrals:

    By sending your customers, customers you build great value and become more than a sales person. Depending on the industries it is even possible for you to market alongside your customers if you target the same market but do not directly complete.  Open massive networks by sharing business.

  4. Ask for Input:

    Don’t be afraid to ask your customers how you can improve your process.  Not only will you have a very good reason to be in touch, but you can also learn valuable information.  Take their response seriously but do not overreact one way or another.


There are countless ways to stay in touch with your customers, but we hope that these 4 simple ways helped you to think about it a little differently.  Do not be afraid to try new methods, your customers will likely appreciate your creativity.