Use a to do List:

Step one in your ability to avoid complacency rather than to fall victim is to know what you have and still need to accomplish.  A to do list and completed tasks are the cold hard truth of what you did or did not get done.  You can evaluate both the quality and quantity of the tasks you completed by examining your to do list.  This keeps you from feeling business but not getting anything accomplished.  Create a set up that works for you.

Write Down and Date your Goals:

A to do list tells you what you need to accomplish day in and day out.  However, to not just avoid complacency but to thrive and achieve at a high level you need to know why you should accomplish certain tasks.  Setting goals gives you a guide to know if your daily efforts are moving you in the right direction or just in circles.

Review Monthly Results:

Reviewing your monthly and quarterly goals helps to tell you if the score card backs up your decision making.  Be careful to not rely entirely on the results to know if you are doing things right or not.  Sometimes results can come slower than expected but you will still get where you need to.  In addition to evaluating the bottom line results, evaluate the situation around it to determine if your results tell the whole story.

Ask for Candid Insight:

Ask for input from those you trust and listen! Just asking for input and then shooting it down or ignoring it will ensure you don’t get any future input.  A reputable source that will hold you accountable is a great tool in the fight to avoid complacency.


With these simple guidelines you can avoid complacency and excel year after year.  Fail to look at the day to day and the big picture and you may turn around in a few years and be in the exact same position.




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