In working to improve active listening skills a person wants to obtain information and understand what their counterpart is saying as well as what the really mean.  Obtaining information about your client or prospect and understanding their point of view is vital to the success of a sales professional.  Here are 5 ways for you to improve active listening skills.

  1. Maintain Eye Contact: This may seem simple but when you look at a person they know you are listening and value their time.  In addition, you are more likely to take note of their words.
  2. Be Relaxed but Attentive: Be comfortable and relaxed in your interaction but do not allow your relaxation to get in the way of your attentiveness to your counterpart.  You want to be relaxed not for yourself but because it puts the other person at ease.
  3. Put Your Phone Away: Studies show that just looking at a phone, even if it’s not yours is distracting. Put your phone in your pocket and avoid other distractions so that both you and your counterpart pay attention to one another.
  4. Listen to Learn: You are not listening simply to be able to respond, you are listening to learn from what they are saying.  Your prospect is telling you what they need from you and how to make it worth it to do business with you.  Just Listen!
  5. Don’t Interrupt: Nobody likes to be interrupted, and if you are jumping in you are not going to improve active listening skills, and you are not going to improve sales. It is more difficult than it sounds so be conscious of when you want to interrupt.

If you want to improve active listening there are some easy ways to have an instant impact.  Try putting them into place in your business and personal life and you will be amazed with the results.